Dear Mr. or Mrs.,

We kindly assure You, that Inventima sp. z o.o. company with its seat in Warsaw, 01-793, ul. Rydygiera 15 (further referred to Administrator) has deep respect towards web users, including visitors of our website (further called Users) and attaches great importance to looking after their rights, what especially concerns the right to preserve privacy in the web.

These are the reasons for us to gather information, which let us understand Your needs more and adjust our website up to your expectations.

In order to properly explain our rules of collecting and processing information, the Administrator’s commitments in terms of services provided via Interet and legal information concerning the website You are currently visiting, we prepared this very Privacy Policy. By using this website You accept the statements of Privacy Policy by default.


Within this website there are several types of cookies files collected:

  1. „necessary” cookies files, which enable using of services of the website, e.g. validating cookies files used for services requiring validation within the website,
  2. cookies files, which are meant to ensure security, e.g. deployed for detecting abuses in terms of validation within the website,
  3. „effectivity” cookies files, which enable collecting information about the way of using pages the website consists of.
  4. „functional” cookies files, enabling „remembering” website settings chosen by the user and interface personalization in terms of language, region, font size, page view etc.
  5. „commercial” cookies files, enabling providing commercial content more adequate to interests of the Users.

The Administrator deploys cookies files in order to:

  1. adjusting the website to the needs of its Users,
  2. preparing statistic data concerning views of the webiste pages,
  3. preparing collected statistic data, measuring data and data concerning general trends for enforcement and optimization of marketing, promotional, analitical activities.

The Administrator kindly informs, that the User may deactivate cookies file by change of web browser settings. Mostly the option is in the Privacy settings tab or Settings of the application.

Here below the Administrator describes, how to modify settings of cookies in the most popular web browsers:

Internet Explorer:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer application by clicking on Start button and then clicking the order Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the button Tools, and then click the command Options.
  3. Click the chart Privacy, and then in the area of Settings move the slider to the highest level in order to block all the cookies files or the opposite, the lowest lewel, in order to allow all the cookies files – and then click the OK button.


  1. Click the Chrome Menu on the tool ribbon of the web browser.
  2. Choose the Settings option.
  3. Click Show settings.
  4. In the section Privacy click the button Settings for content.
  5. In the section Cookies files you can modigy settings concerning cookies files.


  1. In the upper part of Firefox window click the button Firefox (in the Windows XP system clic menu Tools) and choose Settings.
  2. Choose Privacy dashboard.
  3. From the dropdown menu Firefox program choose option Will use history settings
  4. Select Accept cookies in order to allow, deselect in order to block cookies files.


  1. Go to the tab Tools in the upper menu of Opera and from the dropdown menu choose Settings.
  2. In the window which will appear go to the tab Advanced and from the menu on the left choose Cookies and modify settings of these files.

The Administrator informs, that in case of problems with modification of cookies files settings the best option is to use information present on website of the web browser producer.

The Administrator kindly informs, that in the moment of connecting by the User with the currently visited website, in system logs of the website appears information about the number (including IP number) and type of the final device of the User or other natural person, whose device is substance used by the User to enter the website.

The Administrator kindly informs that they will be process information about Users of the website in compliance with binding law in the territory of Poland, including information about number (with IP number) and type of the final device of the User as well as time of connection with the server and other exploitation data concerning User’s activity within the website. The data are being processed for technical reasons.

The Administrator declares to do their best in order to ensure high level of security for the User concerning usage of the website by deployment of proper administrational, technical and physical protection of data from their accidental or purposeful destroying, losing, unauthorized publication or sharing. Please remember, that unfortunately no path of sharing data within the Internet is fully safe. Every occurrence of potential influence on security of information flow, including those concerning suspicions of sharing files containing dangerous software we kindly request to report to: Inventima sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw (01-793), 15 Rydygiera Str.

Any questions concerning the above-presented privacy policy please direct to: Inventima sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw (01-793), 15 Rydygiera Str.


The Administrator offers on their website to use connections to own webpages and other websites of third parties property. These connections have been created in agreement with parties concerned, but are not under control of any kind by the Administrator. The Administrator cannot be held responsible in any way for the content of these websites or the way of their usage by their Administrators or Users.


The Administrator kindly informs, that in case if the User is connected to our website, we keep collecting and processing:

  • if a User connects to the services using their social media account – information concerning their interactions with our services and contents within social media;
  • information concerning frequency of the User’s visit on the website, its route and interest;
  • personal data included in the content published or sent by the User, influenced by the User’s input or otherwise shared within or via services of the website, e.g. their timeline, likes, wishlist, contact list or others features;
  • data.


The Administrator declares to do their best in order to ensure constant access for their Users to the website.


Website You are currently visiting is a property of Inventima sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw, 15 Rydygiera Str.


The Administrator kindly informs, that the owner of author rights to all the pieces deployed on the website is the Administrator. Also the Administrator kindly reminds, that any way of usage of these materials to other purposes than personal use requires clear and written allowance of the Administrator.